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    Hello Gabeex Fan, You may have heard.. We just launched our new product. The HipBand / Booty Band Set of 3 Butt Resistance Bands Perfect for Squa...
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    Gabeex Non-Slip, Hi-Tech Fabric Booty Bands

    No need to waste any more money on a gym membership when you can challenge your body and build muscles with Gabeex Mini Exercise bands. Create endless workouts for your legs, butt, thighs and even sculpt those arms. Today is your day to push your limits and see just how strong you can be!


    💪 Here are Just a Few Ideas for Getting Strong and Sexy: 💪


    Seated Band Abductions | Glute Bridges| Hip Thrust |Squat-Arabesque |Plank with Lateral Leg Kick |Superman’s| Kick Backs | Lying Side Leg Raises | Bicep Curls and More!!


    Gabeex Hip Band Highlights:


    ☑ Hi-Tech Activewear Fabric – The fabric will not stretch out and will stay resistant even after hundreds of workouts. Buy once stay fit forever!


    ☑ Anti-Roll Design – Unlike rubber bands and other cheap fabric bands that rub, chafe and roll. Gabeex anti-slip bands will stay securely in place.


    ☑ Wear on Bare Skin – No need for leggings or capris, workout in short shorts, basketball shorts or a bikini. The cotton blend fabric is soft and breathable.


    ☑ Set of 3 Bands – Each band has a different size, color, and elasticity. Use for different exercises and move up or down depending on your fitness level.


    ☑ Combine with Any Workout – Yoga, CrossFit, Insanity, Beachbody, HIIT, or even physiotherapy. Listen to what feels good for your body.




    Resistance Band Loop Sizes: 26” | 30” |34”. (66cm,67cm,86cm)


    Material: Poly-cotton and Latex


    Includes carry bag for storage.


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – If you have any issues please contact us for a full refund.


    Gabeex – Embrace Messy Hair, Sweat Patches, and Smudged Mascara. It’s Time to be Badass with these Booty Bands! Scroll Up to Click Add to Cart >>>